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Planning to sell your house and looking for something new?
We at GamRealty are happy to help you here.

In any case, ask yourself these questions when looking for your next home. How do you ensure that you get everything out of your search? Ask yourself these questions and take advantage of our answers.

Whether this is a good time to sell your current home and buy another one is up to the housing market. Get informed about how it is now: Is it busy? What is the interest rate? What types of houses are for sale? Then check what you should and can spend on your future home every month. Do you have surplus value on your current home? Then you can use it smartly for your new home.

– What am I missing in my current home / neighborhood?
– Do I want to do odd jobs in my new house?
– In which neighborhood / city do I prefer to live?
– What type of home suits me best?
– How do I see the future?

Make a top three (or fewer, but preferably no longer) of priorities.

All the wishes that follow afterwards are also important, but it is worth giving up when your priorities are present.

Go through the following five steps so that you can look for your new home well prepared:

  1. Find out your financial options and already carry out a Value Check of your current home.
  2. Decide whether you want to buy a new home first or sell your current home first. Could you bear double monthly charges or are you willing to stay in a rental property in the meantime?
  3. Know what your housing requirements are. Ask yourself questions such as: What am I missing in my current home? What is my top three priority? What does my future look like?
  4. Ask yourself if you want to hire a buying agent to help you. He or she can give you insights and advice about your new dream house.
  5. Start searching and use the filters and search on GamRealty to find your ideal home faster.

With a sales and / or buying agent you have all the experience and expertise close by. It saves you time, the correct asking price or purchase price and legal knowledge so that you can be sure that the sale or purchase is going well.

GamRealty has various functionalities for extensive search, such as searching at multiple locations, features and amenities and searching in the description of properties.

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