Sell A Property – Negotiation

Property Selling Negotiation

Do you decide to negotiate with a potential buyer? We tell you about the rules and options here.

In any case, ask yourself these questions before you start negotiating

How do you ensure that you get everything out of the negotiation of your house? Ask yourself these questions and take advantage of our answers.

Your sales agent will receive an opening bid from the buyer or his or her buying agent. It concerns the price and the conditions under which the offer is made. In consultation with your agent you can reject or accept this opening bid or you can make a counter proposal. When you make a counter proposal, you are really negotiating. Your sales agent takes care of the communication with the counter party during the entire negotiation and you discuss the steps to be taken in close consultation.

Photo of man giving money - Property Selling Negotiation

Your sales agent will receive the opening bid directly from the buyer or his purchase agent. Only when you, or your sales agent on your behalf, makes a counter proposal, are you negotiating. During the negotiations, the sales agent advises on your options and communicates with the buyer on your behalf. Everything is dedicated to getting the highest possible purchase price under the most favorable conditions.

The first bid of a potential buyer is called the opening bid. You can reject this, make a counter proposal or approve it immediately. Whether the bid is really a good bid depends on a number of factors, such as:

– The time that your house is already for sale.
– The number of viewings that have been.
– The number of viewings that are still scheduled.
– Whether the bid is in proportion to your minimum selling price.
– Under which (resolutive) conditions the offer is made.

You discuss the options with your sales agent. He will advise you on the best step.

Once you have agreed a sale price and conditions with the buyer, the sales agent can draw up the deed of sale. He collects the buyer’s data and processes everything in the deed. After signing the deed of purchase the house is definitively sold.

Is a new bid coming in anyway? As long as you as a seller have not yet signed the deed of purchase, you can abandon the purchase and continue with another party. Always discuss this with your sales agent.

You must deliver the house on the day of the key transfer and in the condition as agreed with the buyer during the negotiations.