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Additional Buying Services

GamRealty offers a number of paid quality services created for clients who can not be present in The Gambia due to travel ban or clients who just want more detailed information about a property or plot of land they are interested in.

Virtual Property Viewing – $ 180,00

If you want to see more than the photos in a listing showing we can do an additional Virtual Property Viewing for you. We will take photos and a video of the property’s interior, exterior and surroundings such as street views.
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Drone Video Footage – $ 320,00

Do you want to have a complete view of the property and the surrounding area? Then our Drone Video Footage will do the trick.
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Combi Virtual + Drone – $ 400,00

A photoshoot, video plus drone footage will give you the ultimate impression of the property you are interested in.
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Document Check – $ 150,00

Do you want to be sure that before you buy all documents are legit? We perform a Preliminary Document Check with the proper authorities.
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Technical Inspection – On Request

GamRealty can organize a technical inspection on your behalf. You will receive a full and detailed report.
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Conveyance – On Request

Acquiring all required official stamped documents regarding the purchase and getting full ownership of land is a tedious process that involves a number of departments. GamRealty takes care of this process on your behalf.
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Delivery times can vary due to local circumstances such as heavy rains, clouded sky, national and religious holidays or others.

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