Renting Out? Tenants In!

Listing your Rental property with GamRealty.

Rental listings that are complete with detailed descriptions and quality images are more competitive and compelling. In fact, complete listings on GamRealty receive 3 times more tenant inquiries than the average property listing! Your listings must be attractive enough to convince tenants to arrange a viewing of the place in person.

Here is what we offer to polish up your profile and make it more attractive to tenants:

We create quality images!

The first impression about you and your property is determined by the images you use. Pictures are essential in validating the claims in your listings.


When you list your property with GamRealty our in-house photographer will make a professional photo shoot of your property. FOR FREE!

We write a detailed description

Writing a complete and accurate description makes your listing more appealing and engaging. It also increases your chances of receiving more enquiries from tenants. The description will include information about your property, what appliances are included, the neighbourhood, proximity to schools, health care centres, grocery stores and local hotspots.

We use the description in your favour, highlighting the advantages and benefits of your property. However, it’s important, to be honest, and set the right expectations to avoid cancellations or misunderstandings. Having a clear and detailed description also allows you to respond in advance to potential doubts and questions, saving you a lot of time in the long run.

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