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You have probably heard of the term sales commission or brokerage fee. If not, you can read more about the meaning here. Once you know the definition, the next question arises: what is the average sales commission? We provide the answer in this article and inform you about the most common brokerage fees and rates.

What is the average sales commission charged by agents in Gambia?

The average sales commission for a Gambia based real estate agent will be around 5% of the purchase / sales price of a home on average. But percentages can differ from agent to agent, because some parties charge almost double rates compared to others. For you as a (seller) buyer, it is therefore important to find the party with the best price-quality ratio.

Now you may think: a percent more or less doesn’t make much difference. But the opposite is true. Certainly in the housing market, where percentages are calculated on amounts of millions of dalasis. For example, the difference in commission costs between the aforementioned 5% or for example 7% when selling your house for GMD 5,000,000 is no less than GMD 100,000.

Who pays the sales or buyers commission?

The answer to the above question is simple: you. Whether you buy or sell a house; if you are assisted by a sales agent or buying agent, you must pay for his services.

Sales commission higher than average: what now?

The question is to what extent it is bad that you have to pay real estate agency fees when buying or selling a house. The average sales commission for an agent is lower than the amount you earn thanks to his services.

For example, is your buyer agent able to agree GMD 500,000 off the asking price? Then you laugh at his commission. And does your sales agent even manage to bring your house for GMD 500,000 or more above the asking price? Then he has more than earned his commission of, for example.

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J Riley
J Riley
05:21 15 Feb 21
Good customer service and efficient. Did not end up buying but will go back based of service.
Daniel Jenkins
Daniel Jenkins
21:54 08 Feb 21
We appreciated GamRealty for their help in finding land to buy in The Gambia. It was a long, complicated process to buy... land here (especially as a non-citizen) but they helped make it easier by assisting us with every detail. Finding a good, trustworthy real estate company in Gambia is no easy task, but GamRealty is very professional and helped make the process easier for more
Joop Logger
Joop Logger
10:06 07 Feb 21
I will be honest to say i am biased as i am the founder and ceo of this real estate company named GamRealty 😉 But i I... honestly believe in the quality we deliver on all aspects of our business. So planning to buy, sell or rent property in The Gambia? Check out GamRealty for a positive more
ThaGolden Goddesss
ThaGolden Goddesss
14:27 20 Nov 20
Foauu Joof is Amazing....she made sure she met all of my needs
Derrick Williams
Derrick Williams
17:04 23 Jul 20
Great home listing. I plan on using them when i move.
Adamandia Diamantopoulos
Adamandia Diamantopoulos
19:38 08 Jun 20
What an amazing Team and professional service! Was a little apprehensive at first, when deciding to look for property... in The Gambia, as I had heard lots of stories about bad experiences visitors had experienced with freelancers doing real estate . They call them “free roaming”. A friend recommended GamRealty, and my mind was put to rest. I highly recommend their services. In fact, I’ve been recommending them to all my friends who are looking for investments in The more
Snippet Gambia
Snippet Gambia
10:06 20 Mar 20
Want to know more and find the right information when buying a house or land in The Gambia and avoid the pitfalls?... GamRealty answers all your questions and provides you with top class customer serviceread more
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