Buy a plot, build your house with HomeLand

You decided to buy a plot of land in The Gambia AND build a new home to enjoy your life at the Smiling Coast. Welcome! Friendly people, lots of space, miles of pristine beaches, and year-round sunshine awaits you!

The process of buying land in The Gambia can be quite overwhelming, time-consuming and even frustrating at times. The system just works differently here than for example in Europe or the United States. And when you are new to this system we highly recommend you hire GamRealty to guide you through it and save time and money.

GamRealty offers a number of services that ensure a carefree buying process and soon to top it of we offer a brand new service called HomeLand.

“When we help people to buy land and we create new customers that appreciate our service why should we not also help them to realize their new build house?” Joop Logger, CEO of GamRealty asked himself.

Because we strive for quality and best customer service in all we do we needed to find a construction company with the same standards as GamRealty and we succeeded in that.
The plan was born to start offering quality build homes with a two-year guarantee to new landowners that want to build a brand new house. And now HomeLand OFFERS 11 unique House Plan Designs in different sizes for a variety of plot sizes. And you can have your Homeland house build anywhere in The Gambia.

If you are interested DOWNLOAD our Free HomeLand Collections brochure.
This brochure will inform you about all the designs, details, and additions part of the HomeLand service.