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GamRealty TV Gambia Real estate Homeland Sanyang

GamRealty TV – All about Real Estate in The Gambia

GamRealty is not just another Real Estate Agency. We are passionate about helping you find the perfect home or plot of land in The Gambia. We do this by giving you the best information possible and are responsive to your inquiries, questions, and interest to buy a property in The Gambia. We serve your interest…

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Always dreamt of your own swimming pool?

Imagine adding another dimension to your home, creating a space where you and your family can relax, have fun, keep fit and entertain. Whether you buy a new (second) home or an existing property adding a swimming pool brings you enjoyment and adds value to your home. Especially when you keep in mind that property…

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GmRealty Property Buying in the Gambia Checklist

Stress-free property buying with GamRealty

Risk-free property buying in The Gambia, especially acquiring a plot of land can be a tricky, tedious and challenging process. Most people that are planning to buy land in the Gambia heard or read about the stories of land purchases that went wrong. Several reasons could be the cause of this but mostly it comes…

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Gambia offers all you need

You might wonder if all you need to have a comfortable life is available in The Gambia? The answer is YES! Besides the locally produced goods and available services most of the products are imported and of good quality. From supermarkets to DIY stores anything is available to meet your demands.  Do you want to…

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Buy a plot, build your house with HomeLand

Congratulations! You decided to buy a plot of land in The Gambia AND build a new home to enjoy your life at the Smiling Coast. Welcome! Friendly people, lots of space, miles of pristine beaches, and year-round sunshine awaits you! The process of buying land in The Gambia can be quite overwhelming, time-consuming and even…

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GamRealty buying services drone video

Additional Buying Services

GamRealty offers a number of paid quality services created for clients that can not be present in The Gambia due to travel ban or clients that just want more detailed information about a property or plot of land they are interested in. Virtual Property Viewing – € 45,00 If you want to see more than…

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Smiling African American Woman - guide to buy property in gambia

GamRealty Buyers Support

Buying a house is a very exciting time and one that buyers should prepare for.Making a mistake when buying a house can lead to many future headaches. Of course, the buying process of a property in the Gambia has similarities with Europe or the USA. But local laws, restrictions, acquiring legal documentation, the approach of…

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Online Gambia Real Estate News Magazine

To improve the customer experience when it comes to buying, selling or renting a property in The Gambia GamRealty manages a separate news platform offering the best and comprehensive information about real estate in The Gambia and all related subjects. We publish related news from a number of sources to give you the best impression…

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Second Home for 60% less!

For the past years property development in the Gambia is growing year on year and now is the time to buy a (second) dream home at super competitive prices. Especially compared to real estate prices in popular second home destinations like Spain, Portugal or Turkey you can buy a similar property for 60 or 70%…

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GamRealty buying property in gambia

Buying Property in Gambia

Planning to buy property in the Gambia? At least ask yourself these questions before you put your signature under the purchase contract. How do you ensure a hassle-free settlement of the purchase of your next home?  Your offer has been accepted, what next? When you have provided your personal details to the buyer agent, the…

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Gambia Legal Insights

If you are thinking about buying land or property in The Gambia, going to look at properties should be the LAST stage in the process, not the first. At first, you will need legal support in The Gambia in almost very case recommended. The process of buying a property in The Gambia, whether for your…

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Pink Piggy Bank

How are the living costs in Gambia?

If you are planning to buy a property in The Gambia you may ask yourself how much do things cost in UK British pounds, Euros, Dollars or even in Dalasis? On the whole prices of everyday products are cheaper than in Europe, but some items, particularly imported supermarket products, can be higher. In this guide,…

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Unburden your life, get domestic help

After you’ve moved to the Gambia, you may consider hiring affordable domestic help for your home in the Gambia. If you’ve just moved to the Gambia, this will be the one and only item on your moving-in list where things will progress swiftly. That is why it is best to put some thought into hiring…

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Photo of building in Gambia - Maps of the Gambia

Gambia Information Maps

Location and information maps of The Gambia. Note that map information can and will alter due time as developments, new business and services will occur. GamRealty will regularly update these maps. Average Distances Main Real Estate Developments New Housing projects Main Healthcare facilities Supermarkets Restaurants

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search property in the gambia

Search Property in The Gambia With GamRealty

Looking for houses for sale in the Gambia? Apartments for sale in Gambia? 1, 2, or 3 Bedroom Houses? Villa’s with or without a swimming pool? Furnished or Unfurnished? Don’t look any further, Search Property in The Gambia with GamRealty. We are here to make search easy so you find your dream home in the…

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Documents Checked land for sale Gambia GamRealty

Documents Checked… No stress!

Buy land in the Gambia. Selling and Buying land in The Gambia is on a high right now but as a buyer, you need to make sure that all documents are in order to prevent disappointments or problems after you bought. Know that buying a piece of land or a new home in The Gambia…

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carefree buying of real estate Gambia

Carefree buying of real estate in the Gambia

If you’ve fallen in love with the Gambia the way we did, you really don’t need any more arguments to buy a property there. But with falling property prices, the fact that it’s a buyer’s market and great ROI, you can take your pick: the time is now! What’s more, working with GamRealty will make…

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Bought a plot in Gambia? Build your dream house!

Whether building new on a plot of land you bought or renovating an existing structure, creating a new home is a journey of discovering who you are, what you want, how you want to live, and where you want to be. Creating a home is more than building “3 bedrooms, 2.5 bathrooms.” It is so…

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GamRealty Gambia questions

Frequently asked questions

We collected the most asked questions of our clients in the past year. If you can not find the answer to a question you have please let us know so we can add it. Sent your question to I am thinking of buying a second home. How are the property prices compared to for…

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buying a house in the gambia

Buying a House in The Gambia?

Buying a house is a very exciting time and one that buyers should prepare for. Making a mistake when buying a house can lead to many future headaches. Of course the buying process of a property in Gambia has similarities with Europe or USA. But local laws, restrictions, acquiring legal documentations, approach of agents and middlemen or roaming agents can make the buying experience ‘stressful’ to say the least.

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Team GamRealty top real estate agents in the Gambia

GamRealty Free Property Guide

[dflip id=”36502″][/dflip] Our Free Property Guide gives you an idea of GamRealty, the Services we offer and what The Gambia has to offer when it comes to real estate, buying, selling and living.

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Top 10 Reasons To Buy A Home in Gambia

There are lots of reasons why you might consider buying in the Gambia. Perhaps you’ve found the ultimate vacation spot and you want a permanent place to spend your days. Or maybe the idea of spending your golden years warm and sunny appeals to you. Either way, buying a property in the Gambia right now…

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GamRealty buying property in the Gambia

Buyer services order form

By submitting the form below you can tell us which service you want to order.Virtual Property Viewing – € 45,00Drone Video Footage – € 95,00Combi Virtual + Drone – € 110,00Document Check –  €55,00Technical Inspection – On RequestConveyance – On Request ORDER FORM

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